Tree Trimming

How to prun trees to improve structure

There are many of reasons for doing tree trimming. Mostly really completed shield your home or different properties from getting damaged because of tree limbs that could break off in a strong wind and fall season on the property or it may simply be done to enhance the look of the home.

Trimming is one of the extremely effective shrub upkeep, irrespective of whether it is a fancy tree or fruit tree. Keeping in mind the final goal to do the work skillfully and safely utilising the Tools and Equipment and Maintenance, like the walking stool, for the experience is an absolute necessity. Some homeowners will trim their woods themselves or hire a professionalsĀ  likeĀ Colorado Springs Tree Service to cut the trees at different intervals.

Tree trimming just isn’t as easy as it looks like there are a few tips that make expelling the twigs safe.

  • It is advisable to make certain you are not within kids of electric cables
  • You must ensure that the branches slice are not very a long way or excessively nearby the forest neckline
  • Ensure that you mark areas so no one strolls near the shrub while it will be removed or trimmed
  • An ideal time frame for tree cutting off is spring until the point that late-spring yet the time frame can change depending on species of the more about tree pruning at
  • It is similarly essential that you are utilising the right tools and equipment.

How to prun trees to improve structure

Hand saw

This tool is utilised to complete essential garden maintenance. It’s a tool that functions by hand, and therefore you need to have a suitable experience before using it. When using it in tree cutting ensure that along the entire blade, it has teeth with pointed tips.

Chain Saw

there are gas and electric operated chainsaws; however gas powered is one of the most popular options for trimming woods. It is simply perfect for providing the desired condition to the trees. It is a common tool used to trim trees, and it comes in various sizes. They may have the power to reduce any tree. Make sure that the blade size you select should match your requirements.


This can be best utilised for trimming small trees with a radius of a few inches. Excellent cutting tool and long take care of that looks like a scissor. It is a preferred choice for an arborist to perform tree cutting Sydney.

Pole Tree Pruner

This is one of the extremely preferred tools used for trimming from the surface. Utilising this tool you can trim six to 12 feet high branches without by using a walking stool or a corporate. You can utilise this equipment for cutting small or medium-sized limbs that are out of your reach. The post tree prune consists of a lengthy handle that is adaptable, a rope, and a saw, which is managed by pulling on the rope.
They are tools which will help him climb up any tree without needing to fear to drop off the tree. This is because the equipment is designed so that it provides firm grasp to the user so that he can make his hands free for the task of cutting.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is the process of getting rid of the dead branches. It is also referred to as tree pruning. It helps the tree to have new and healthy branches. It further keeps your landscape or yard looking healthier. Click here to read more info about tree trimming.

Importance Of Trimming Your Trees

1. To Improve The General Health Of The Tree

  • By removing damaged, dead, and diseased branches from your tree, you can prevent decay organisms and insects from getting into the tree. This will improve its health.
  • By thinning the dense canopy of the tree, you will increase its sunlight and air circulation which will reduce the risk of disease in its branches,
  • Removing water sprouts and suckers will eliminate weak woods and increase water and food supply to the rest of the tree.
  • By eliminating crossing branches, you will prevent the damage caused by them rubbing each other.
  • By removing narrow or weak crotches, you will reduce their risk of splitting as the tree grows and this will eliminate tearing or breaking of the wood.
  • By removing co-dominant leaders which are normally two branches, you will prevent tearing and breakage of the wood that is normally caused by heavy winds.

2. Trimming Ensures Safety

Correct trimming procedures will maintain and create a strong tree. This will prevent safety hazards like branches growing too low and growth forms that are subjected to damage by storms near driveways or sidewalks. Read moreĀ

All That You Need To Know About Tree Trimming

3. Trimming Ensures A Natural Tree Form

Normally vigorous or erratic branches grow and change the growing habits of the other branches. These causes misshape of the trees. Early pruning of these erratic branches will thus maintain a natural tree structure.

4. Tree Trimming Restricts Or Stimulates Growth

You may prune to restrict growth in regions where excessive growth is undesired. You may also trim the tree to stimulate growth in areas with sparse branches.

When to trim your tree:

  • You should trim your tree as soon as there is a damaged, diseased, or dead branch.
  • You may also trim the tree in the early spring, late winter or just before your tree starts to open its buds. Several trees like dogwood will bleed but the bleeding is not supposed to harm them.
  • You can trim your tree at any time but avoid trimming in extreme winter conditions or in hot dry spells. If you trim your tree after its leaves have open, allow them to grow fully and give the tree time to regain its energy back.

The Process Of Trimming Your Tree

1. Get Started

Determine the reason for trimming. Start planning and decide the equipment you will use. Most pruning is done with loppers, pruning saw and hand pruners.

i. Hand pruners

There are two major types of hand pruners namely anvil and the bypass. Anvil pruners have one sharp blade that cuts against a flat surface blade. The pruners destroy the tissue on the underneath of the steam thus not commendable because crushing leaves the plant tissues prone to infection.

The hand pruners have one sharp blade that slides over the other leaving a nice cut. The hand pruners are recommended because of their nice cut. Both hand pruners are designed to cut stems ranging from 0.5 to 0.75-inch diameter.

ii. Loppers

There are two types of loppers namely anvil and bypass. The loppers have longer blades and larger blades. They are designed for cutting wood ranging from 0.75 to 1.5-inch diameter.

iii. Pruning saws

They are tri-edged and are replacing the bow saws. They quickly saw and easily cut wood of up to 3 diameters.

2. How To Cut

You should have the knowledge of locating branch bark and branch collar. The branch collar is a region where there is swelling which forms at the base of the branch. The branch ridge is dark, slightly raised, and rough at the place where the trunk tissue and branch meet. This region has chemicals that cause callus growth and compartmentalization which protect the wounds caused by a cut.

When removing big branches, cut three times to avoid tearing the branch collar. Lastly do not spoil your tree trimming process by adding tree paint to the wound.