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Do you have intentions to remove or grind an annoying stump from your yard? Stump removal/ grinding have two options: You can hire a stump grinder and remove the stump yourself, or you can hire stump removal professional to remove the stumps for you. The course of action whether to hire a professional or remove the stump personally depend on various factors. If you offer tree services, and you intend to grind many stumps, then you can consider buying a grinder since it can be beneficial to you both professionally and economically.

If you prefer removing the stump, personally there are several factors you need to consider. One of the major factors to consider is the extent or size of your project. You also have to determine whether to buy or rent a grinder. If you want to remove one or two stumps then you can consider renting a grinder. On the other hand if you have many stumps buying a grinder can be a viable option.

Factors to consider when buying a grinder

When renting a grinder, you may not have to be too much concerned about its features; you can just get something that will do the work. However, when buying your own grinder, you need to ensure that all of its features are suitable for you.

Whether to Remove Stumps Personally or Hire a Tree Service Professional

The feature to check includes:

Size- You need to ensure that it is easy to maneuver with your grinder. The grinder size should allow it to reach even the squeezed spaces. Read more

Cutting disk- You need to ensure that the cutting disk is in its most appropriate form such as it has sharp teeth and does not have signs of wearing out. The disk should also be made of strong and durable material for it to last longer.

Horse power- Buy a grinder that has the highest horse power since it is easy and fast to work with.

Weight- A medium weight grinder is usually highly recommended since it is easy to handle and operate.
If you are not conversant with stumps grinding and removal it is highly recommended that you hire a professional to remove the stumps for you. Trying to remove the stumps personally without sufficient knowledge of how to go about it can be very risky. For instance, if you do not know how to operate a grinder you might end up injuring yourself. Stump removal requires careful inspection and planning before engaging in performing the task.

By trying to remove the stumps, yourself can also result in unwanted expenses such as the cost of repairing or replacing the grinder if it breaks down. Most individuals who do not know the basics of operating a grinder such as cutting angles end up forcing too much; as a result, it gets broken. A stump removal professional saves on such uncertainties and also guarantees a smooth job.

Hiring a stump professional also allows you to continue with your daily activities without interference. This is most convenient if you have many stumps to be removed, you do not have to be absent from work so that you can work on your homestead.

Also, most companies offering tree serves have discounts, especially for large jobs. These discounts can save you energy and the cost of buying new equipment. There are other companies that offer to clear the yard for free or at discounted rates for frequent clients.

You do not need to pressure yourself with the stump removal jobs. Call a tree service company and it will help you do handle the job smoothly without uncertainties.

Tree Trimming

There are so many companies out there claiming to offer the best tree services. Unfortunately, not all these claims are correct. There are some companies that are formed for making profits without caring whether their clients are satisfied or not. It can be frustrating incurring heavy costs hiring contractors who will not perform their tasks to your expectation. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the contractors you hire will handle your job with professionalism. Here are some tips that will help you identify a qualified contractor to handle your tree services.

Experience and qualifications

The first thing you should check before hiring any company offering tree services is their experience and qualifications. Experienced can be determined by the number of years they have been operational and the kind of projects they have handled before. It is wise to go for the companies that have been in business for several years since it is a clear indication that their previous clients have been satisfied with their work. It is also good to hire companies that have handled more complex projects than your projects before since there are more likely to offer high-quality services. A tree service requires that you hire highly trained experts who have the ability to handle your project with a lot of care and professionalism.


The location of tree service contractors you intend to hire is very crucial since you do not need to wait for a whole week before being served. It is highly recommended that you hire a local company that can respond to your need quickly. An overseas company may take long before responding to your emergencies due to the distance they need to cover. A local company also has a detailed understanding of special services such as trees treatment since they are well conversant with the local environmental factors affecting trees. Read more

Insurance and registration

Every company claiming to offer tree services should be duly registered and posses’ legal licenses that authorize them to offer such services. You should check whether the contractors you intend to hire have updated legal documents that allow them to offer tree services. The company should also be insured to protect you against any liability that might occur during their service delivery.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Tree service Contractor


When hiring a tree service contractor, you should document all the terms of the agreement to ensure that both parties have a clear understanding of the kind of services you expect. For instance, during tree removal you should indicate whether the fees being charged include the inspection and clearing charges. If the contractors hesitate to document the terms of the agreement that can be a red flag that they cannot be trusted.

Tools and equipment

You should check whether the company has necessary tools and equipment for your project. Check whether they have chainsaws and excavators for projects stumps and trees removal. If the company hires their equipment, there is a huge likelihood that their charges are high. Click here to read more info about tree services.

Cost of services

Cost is a major factor that you should consider when seeking for tree services. You can request for quotation from different companies and compare their charges and extent of performance. There are some contractors who charge high fees but have a limited scope of performance. Also, there are other contractors who charge low fees to attract clients but offer low quality services. Therefore, you should consider hiring contractors who offer high-quality services and also charge fair prices.

If you need tree services such as tree removal, stump removal or trees treatment and pest control you should not worry anymore. There are qualified contractors out there who are always ready to help you out.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is the process of getting rid of the dead branches. It is also referred to as tree pruning. It helps the tree to have new and healthy branches. It further keeps your landscape or yard looking healthier. Click here to read more info about tree trimming.

Importance Of Trimming Your Trees

1. To Improve The General Health Of The Tree

  • By removing damaged, dead, and diseased branches from your tree, you can prevent decay organisms and insects from getting into the tree. This will improve its health.
  • By thinning the dense canopy of the tree, you will increase its sunlight and air circulation which will reduce the risk of disease in its branches,
  • Removing water sprouts and suckers will eliminate weak woods and increase water and food supply to the rest of the tree.
  • By eliminating crossing branches, you will prevent the damage caused by them rubbing each other.
  • By removing narrow or weak crotches, you will reduce their risk of splitting as the tree grows and this will eliminate tearing or breaking of the wood.
  • By removing co-dominant leaders which are normally two branches, you will prevent tearing and breakage of the wood that is normally caused by heavy winds.

2. Trimming Ensures Safety

Correct trimming procedures will maintain and create a strong tree. This will prevent safety hazards like branches growing too low and growth forms that are subjected to damage by storms near driveways or sidewalks. Read more

All That You Need To Know About Tree Trimming

3. Trimming Ensures A Natural Tree Form

Normally vigorous or erratic branches grow and change the growing habits of the other branches. These causes misshape of the trees. Early pruning of these erratic branches will thus maintain a natural tree structure.

4. Tree Trimming Restricts Or Stimulates Growth

You may prune to restrict growth in regions where excessive growth is undesired. You may also trim the tree to stimulate growth in areas with sparse branches.

When to trim your tree:

  • You should trim your tree as soon as there is a damaged, diseased, or dead branch.
  • You may also trim the tree in the early spring, late winter or just before your tree starts to open its buds. Several trees like dogwood will bleed but the bleeding is not supposed to harm them.
  • You can trim your tree at any time but avoid trimming in extreme winter conditions or in hot dry spells. If you trim your tree after its leaves have open, allow them to grow fully and give the tree time to regain its energy back.

The Process Of Trimming Your Tree

1. Get Started

Determine the reason for trimming. Start planning and decide the equipment you will use. Most pruning is done with loppers, pruning saw and hand pruners.

i. Hand pruners

There are two major types of hand pruners namely anvil and the bypass. Anvil pruners have one sharp blade that cuts against a flat surface blade. The pruners destroy the tissue on the underneath of the steam thus not commendable because crushing leaves the plant tissues prone to infection.

The hand pruners have one sharp blade that slides over the other leaving a nice cut. The hand pruners are recommended because of their nice cut. Both hand pruners are designed to cut stems ranging from 0.5 to 0.75-inch diameter.

ii. Loppers

There are two types of loppers namely anvil and bypass. The loppers have longer blades and larger blades. They are designed for cutting wood ranging from 0.75 to 1.5-inch diameter.

iii. Pruning saws

They are tri-edged and are replacing the bow saws. They quickly saw and easily cut wood of up to 3 diameters.

2. How To Cut

You should have the knowledge of locating branch bark and branch collar. The branch collar is a region where there is swelling which forms at the base of the branch. The branch ridge is dark, slightly raised, and rough at the place where the trunk tissue and branch meet. This region has chemicals that cause callus growth and compartmentalization which protect the wounds caused by a cut.

When removing big branches, cut three times to avoid tearing the branch collar. Lastly do not spoil your tree trimming process by adding tree paint to the wound.