Senior Football:

Training continues every Tuesday at 8:00pm, please bring trainers, boots and a bottle water. Membership is being collected and anyone who has sold draw tickets is asked to bring them in this week.

Training this Saturday at 4:00pm.

Recent Results:

No Results posted for last 7 Days.
Upcoming Fixtures:

No Fixtures posted for the next 7 Days.

Lotto Result:
Lotto Draw: in The Glen Bar on Wednesday February 26th 2014.

Jackpot: €18,300.00 (No Jackpot Winner!)

Winning Numbers: 4,5,24, 8,18

*New Jackpot: €18,400.00*

The jackpot this week is €18,400.00 and the draw will be held in The Glen Bar on Wednesday March 5th 2014.

A big thank you to all who support our lotto. Be sure your name is in the draw every week by joining our pre-paid lotto, by doing this you will also save money. Please contact Liam McLaughlin on 086 8053319 for details of how to join - €80.00 for a full year.

Paying your yearly Lotto by direct debit has never been easier, just give Liam a call on 086 8053319 to set it up. By paying with a direct debit or once off payment, not only will you save €24 annually, you also provide much needed financial aid to our club.

Under Age:
Under Age Training
Will start in Foden on Saturday 22nd Feb from 11.00am to 12.30pm at Clubhouse, Foden for U\8, U-10 and U-12 girls and boys. U-6 will start in early March
Anyone who missed registration must do so before being training. Registration charge U6/8/10/12 €5, u14/u16/minor €10

U-12 Hurling
Training continues in the Malin Gym next Saturday 2-3pm with another round of matches next Sunday.

U-14 Football
Training on Friday evening @ 7pm in Foden, bring trainers and boots

Recent Results:

No Results posted for last 7 Days.
Upcoming Fixtures:

No Fixtures posted for the next 7 Days.

Other News:

Club membership:
Membership for 2014 can now be paid to the Club registrar Lorraine McDaid (Elegance by Donagh) Fees for 2014 are Playing member €50, Student €20, non-playing adult member €20, Minor €10, U-16 €10, U-14 €10, U-12 €5. Fees can be paid in instalments but all fees must be paid in full by March 31st 2014.  Please note the club accepts Carn vouchers    

Scor Sinsear
The club hosted the Scor Sinsear on Saturday night in the Colgan Hall. There were represen-tatives from 5 clubs in Inishowen (Carn, Malinn, Muff, Moville and Urris) on the night and a good evening’s entertainment was provided. The club was represented in four catagories. Tony Doherty Recitation, Amy Mc Daid Solo Singing, Fergal Bradley and Ronan Hartin Traditional Group, and the Quiz team of Ray Lannon, Charlie Mc Kinney, Darryl Butler and JJ Lafferty. All participants performed very well on the night and did the club proud, result-ing in three of the acts going through to the county final on Friday February 28th. A big thank you to all the contestants and to everyone who helped out on the night.

GAA National Club Draw
€10 tickets are now available from the club executive members for the GAA National Club Draw.   

Among the 10 Prizes there is a

All monies raised from tickets sold by the club are retained for club funds.  The club executive have agreed to put all monies raised from ticket sales towards the NEW SPORTS HALL DEVELOPMENT.

The draw takes place on 17th March 2014

Club gear
Lorraine McDaid will now be the contact for Club Merchandise ie Hoodie, Replica Jersey, New 1/2 Zip Top, Club Bags & Hats.  All orders and purchases can be made at Elegance by Donagh 6 days a week starting on Wednesday Jan 22nd.  

Please Note:  All orders for the new 1/2 zip top placed before Christmas are now in stock and can be collected at Elegance from next Wednesday or at the clubrooms this evening at 5.30pm.   

At present there is a stock of Club Hoodies in Med, Small, 13/14, 10/11 & 9/10.  Replica Jersey is available in 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, 10/11, 13/14 and Sm Adult.

Clothes Recycling
If you have any old clothes that you are looking to get rid of, please use the re-cycling bin available at Foden (please no duvets).  Any money raised goes towards underage Club funds.

Set Dancing:
Every Thurs. at 8 pm at GAA Clubrooms, Foden.  If you are looking for enjoyable exercise, come along.  Beginners welcome.  Teacher: John Grant.  Enquiries: Bernie on 086 0600011.

Club Notes:
Click below to see recent Club Notes, or as we like to call it - Cormac's Corner:

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